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Michael Kanai: Senior Pastor

Michael and his wife Monica were married in 1992. They have 3 children Aleece, Anna Grace and Alex. Michael was raised in Lee's Summit, MO near Kansas City. He received Christ at age 13 through the ministry of KC Youth for Christ.

He attended seminary in Fort Worth TX and Kansas City MO, graduating with a Master of Divinity in 1998. Michael has served as pastor to churches in Kansas City KS, Raytown MO and Mount Vernon MO over the past 15 years.

My Salvation Story
I was raised in a Catholic home in Kansas City and attended Mass every Sunday. When I was 11, my mother received Christ as Savior through a Christian television show. My brother soon followed at high school. A few years later, I walked forward to receive Christ on the last night of summer camp. My understanding of God changed. I began reading my Bible and attending Christian clubs at school. My father and two older sisters refused Christ. Eventually, my parent's already troubled marriage became worse and they separated during my freshman year at college. Meanwhile, my brother swung into full-blown mental illness. I became angry at God for allowing such pain into our lives when we were doing our best to serve Him. I remember saying to God, "If this is how you treat your people-I'm outta here!" I know I grieved His heart that day. I made an effort to run from God and drive Him from me. While attending a state university I fell away from the Lord for about 3 years and jumped into the "party" scene. However, I could not shake the presence of God. I was like a dimly burning wick that the Lord would not allow to be snuffed out (Mt. 12). Finally, I began to miss my relationship with God and became convicted of my sin. I was in the battle of a lifetime, starting some days with Christ and ending those same days with unbelief. But God's amazing love won out. I remember an incredible time of repentance where I was surprised by God's grace and forgiveness. I expected to "pay penance" for many years but God quickly sent blessings and assured me that I was pleasing in His sight through Christ. Today, I am still gazing at the Father's unfailing love. Over the past twenty years I have faced many more battles, but now I have learned to run to God and not away from Him.

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9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Worship Service
6:00 PM Evening Prayer

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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast.